Shoulder Surgery for Aaron Judge

After much speculation on the state of Aaron Judge's shoulder during the latter part of the 2017 season, we now have our definitive answer. The Yankees' star right fielder just had a shoulder operation. 

According to the linked article, Judge got his shoulder "cleaned out" of some loose bodies and had his cartilage cleaned up. That all sounds too frivolous a series of words for what seems like something that was a major source of discomfort for Judge during the season.

All indications are that Judge will be rehabbed by the time the Spring Training starts and should be good to go for the season. Let's hope it is all that simple a deal. 

Luis Tiant and Tommy John for the Hall of Fame

The Cooperstown case for John is based on having had a long and very good, if never quite great, career and for the larger impact he had on baseball. For Tiant, his very impressive peak, relative longevity, including 229 wins and just short of 3,500 innings pitched, are a big part of his case, but there is more to Tiant than that. He was a reliable big game pitcher and one of the first great Cuban stars to make it to the big leagues. Starting pitchers are not well represented in Cooperstown. Tiant and John are among the best of their era who are not in yet, so electing them would begin to rectify that and perhaps open the door to even more qualified pitchers, like longtime Yankee Mike Mussina, from later eras. And, for what its worth, both were better pitchers than Jack Morris who may just get in on some kind of strange sympathy vote this year.

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Yanks 40-man Roster Juggle Day - Updated

The New York Yankees (and all teams) need to set their 40-man Rosters today to protect players from the Rule V Draft. Any unprotected players can be drafted and potentially lost to the team. For example, Gleyber Torres will need to be added today to the 40-man Roster because he is vulnerable to the draft. We will try to keep this post fluid to keep you up to date as to the day's maneuvers.

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Was Aaron Judge Robbed?

Jose Altuve, the great second baseman of the Houston Astros, won the 2017 Most Valuable Player Award for the American League. Altuve is a superstar. There is no disputing how great a player he is or how fantastic his 2017 season was. Altuve won the batting title for the third time in the last four years and has recorded over 200 hits in each of his last four seasons. He's great. No doubts here. But was his season better than Aaron Judge's season?

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Yankee Hall of Fame Candidates-Don Mattingly

Yankee fans probably need to accept not only that Don Mattingly is not getting into the Hall of Fame and that despite his four great years in pinstripes, he did not quite earn that honor. However, if Steve Garvey gets in and Mattingly does not, Yankee fans would be very justified in feeling their man was not treated fairly by the voters.

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