About Last Night: Giving up 11 runs to the Phillies?!

Last night, the Phillies, who are the worst team in baseball (by percentage points over Milwaukee), scored 11 runs - with five of them coming in the ninth inning - against the Yankees and this is how they did it.

Four singles:
export (30)

Four doubles:
export (31)

A triple:
export (32)

Two home runs:
export (33)

Hmm. When a Yankees pitcher threw the ball right over the middle of the plate, the Phillies were able to make contact and get hits! What a novel concept. trumedia_baseball_grid (15)

This was especially true in the ninth inning and the Phillies hit two doubles and a triple: trumedia_baseball_grid (16)

It was also an issue in the fourth inning which was CC Sabathia's "one bad inning." (I just put that there so people will get huffy and puffy in the comments.)

Here's the Phillies' spray chart for that fourth inning: export (34)

And here's the heat map: trumedia_baseball_heatmap (92)


[Heat maps and spray charts courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]