Quick Hit: How Active Will Yankees Be At Trade Deadline?

It's almost July, so that means the MLB trading season will be kicking into high gear soon. We have heard a few Yankees rumors already with them scouting Johnny Cueto and Mike Leake extensively, and Joel Sherman speculating they might have interest in Jeff Samardzija. The Yankees are in contention in both the AL East and wild card races, so they will be involved in many rumors as usual. Despite that, I really do not see them being that active this year. The only place the Yankees can add to their lineup is second base. They're not going to upgrade at any other starting position, and they are pretty set on the bench as well. Besides Ben Zobrist -- who will be in very high demand -- what other good second basemen will be available? The Yankees offense has been among the best in baseball anyways, although it would be nice if they could be more consistent on the road.

Pitching is where the Yankees need more help, but I don't see them going crazy there either. I don't see Brian Cashman giving up Aaron Judge or Luis Severino for Johnny Cueto or Cole Hamels. Cueto is a true ace, but he's just a rental and unless you make the World Series it's hard to see it being worth it. While Hamels is under contract for three years, I don't know if he would be an ace in the American League.

Cueto and Hamels would be true upgrades, but the Yankees probably won't be willing to give up enough for them. Then you have the guys like Leake or Samardzija who may or may not even be upgrades. Leake has a 5.59 K/9 rate and a 4.49 FIP in the National League, and Samardzija's line drive rate is up while his ground ball and strike out rates are both down.

The Yankees are already probably pushing Adam Warren, who has been a quality starter this year, out of the rotation because they don't want to remove CC Sabathia. If they would not remove Sabathia for Warren why would they for either of those guys while giving up a prospect?  Can you even be guaranteed that Leake or Samardzija would be better than Ivan Nova or Nathan Eovaldi? Nova looked great in his debut, and Evoaldi has been good in four of his last six starts despite the disaster in Miami.

The bullpen depth can certainly be improved and that's one place the Yankees will probably add a piece. However, other than that I don't know if they will be making a big splash.