Quick Hit: Let The Gary Sanchez Heat Up Commence

With the Severinos and Judges and Birds of the world performing well and getting moved up to Triple-A, former #1 organizational prospect Gary Sanchez has fallen a bit by the wayside this year.  That'll happen when those other guys are doing what they're doing and you're opening your second return trip to Double-A with a .246/.328/.351 month of April. Lately, however, Sanchez has been on a tear.  He homered for the 4th straight game last night, giving him 12 for the year and continuing an absolutely torrid start to this month.  He had a pretty good May (.789 OPS), a down June (.672), and now in 29 July plate appearances he's hitting .335/.448/.962 with the aforementioned 4 homers, 3 doubles, and 7 runs scored.

I can't think of a single Yankee prospect who's experienced the negative effects of prospect fatigue more than Sanchez has this season.  It feels like he's been around forever, and that's partially true.  He's been in the organization since 2010 and playing full-season ball since 2011, and the fact that he hasn't reached Triple-A yet is going to make people forget about him and move on to the next shiny new prospect toy.  But Sanchez is up to .268/.326/.488 on the season now with the 2nd most HR in the Eastern League in 53 games, he's still throwing almost 40% of potential base stealers out, and he's almost half a year short of his 23rd birthday.

However the Yankees want to use him - future potential roster piece or trade piece - Gary Sanchez remains a very valuable chip in their prospect stack.  If he stays hot for a few weeks more, he should be bumped up to join the rest of his top prospect brethren.