Quick Hit: Judge And Severino Moving Up On Lots of Midseason Prospect Lists

There's been a lot of midseason prospect ranking activity going on over the past week and change, as is tradition, and the Yankees have been well-represented by their pair of top guns.  Outfielder Aaron Judge and right-handed starter Luis Severino have appeared on every midseason updated rankings list I've seen, and they've been ranked significantly higher than they were in the preseason.  A quick update on those rankings, if you happened to miss any: Baseball Prospectus- Judge 13th, Severino 28th Baseball America- Judge 13th, Severino 17th John Sickels- Severino 16th, Judge 30th

If you want to take those and combine them into one composite ranking, you come out with Judge being the 18th-ranked prospect in baseball and Severino 20th.  That's really neither here nor there, although it is cool to think about the Yankees have 2 top 20 prospects.  What's important is that these guys have continued right where they left off at the end of last year and they've gotten noticed for it, all while advancing to the highest level of the Minors.

Judge and Severino are both officially knocking on the door now.  They still have some things to learn - better game power and hitting approach against upper-level pitching for Judge and the ability to pitch deeper into games and work lineups multiple times for Severino - but they are legitimate candidates to get called up this season if more injuries strike and even stronger candidates to start the 2016 season on the Opening Day roster.  It's been a while since the Yankees have had stud top prospects at the higher levels of their system.  They've got them now.

(The complete lists and writeups for BA and Sickels are free, so I linked to them if you want to read specifics.  BP wasn't, so I didn't bother)