A few cool fun facts about the Yankees, Tex and A-Rod

So last night I was looking at the Yankees' schedule because I didn't even know where they were playing this weekend - it's Minnesota and I know, I should know this stuff - and I noticed something pretty interesting. The Yankees have played in eight one-run games so far in July and they have won six of them. And their last last five games have all been one-run games with one loss in those five coming against Seattle on Saturday. They've also played in four two-run games with one loss coming against the Red Sox on 7/11.

The one-run games:

  • A 3-2 victory against Tampa on 7/4
  • A 4-3 loss to the A's on 7/7
  • A 5-4 win against the A's on 7/8
  • A 4-3 win against the Mariners on 7/17
  • A 4-3 loss to the Mariners on 7/18
  • A 2-1 win against the Mariners on 7/19
  • A 3-2 win against the Orioles on Tuesday
  • Last night's 4-3 win against the Orioles

What does this all mean? They're finding ways to win even if they're not scoring a lot. Also, their pitching - both the starting rotation and the bullpen - has been a big strength this month.

Another strength? Well, there are two of them. Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. And wouldn't you know it? They both played a big part in last night's win.

Rodriguez hit his 20th home run of the season, is currently on pace for 35 (yes, we can say that now that it's the end of the July) and is batting .275/.375/.518/.893. And Teixeira wasn't only hitting last night - he bashed his 24th homer of the year - he also made a couple of "game saving" plays as well.

Not bad for two fellows who as of 7/27 will be a combined 75 years-old.

So far this season Teixeira has hit 18 of his 24 home runs from the left side.

trumedia_baseball_heatmap (95)

And A-Rod has hit 10 home runs on the road and 10 at home. Last night's bomb was measured at 453 feet.

How funny was O'Neill's reaction in the booth? He's better than I am. I would have yelled out an expletive.

Chase Headley walked up to "Armageddon It" by Def Leppard which I think is a pretty cool choice for a walk up song because I grew up with that music. But that song was out when I was a freshman in high school which means Chase was only turning 5 that spring so either his parents were cool AF* in 1989 or he's one of those younger dudes who is inexplicably into rock bands of the 1980s. (Yes, I'm nearly 10 years older than Chase Headley.)

This is what Headley wore to Carlos Beltran's 80's themed benefit the other night. I really want to steal that headband. It's amazing.


Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention that last night's win was Joe Girardi's 700th. Man, he's awful, am I right?!

So it's July 23 and the Yankees are now 52-41 on the season, they're five games up on the second place Blue Jays and 11 up on last place Boston.

Not bad for a team that no one thought would do much of anything this season.... Hey that sounds familiar.

(*cool AF means cool as f*ck. Apparently, this is how younger kids write it now.)