Quick hit: Hello (again) Phil Hughes!

The Yankees are facing their old teammate Phil Hughes and his surging Minnesota Twins for the first time in 2015 tonight so I thought I'd look at how opposing batters have been doing against him so far this year. Splits

Hughes comes into tonight's ballgame with an 8-6 record, a 4.15 ERA, and a 4.63 FIP. He's pitched 123 2/3 innings and has surrendered 23 home runs.

  • 1 off his curveball
  • 7 off his cutter
  • 15 off his fastball

Hughes is 6-2 at home with an ERA of 3.93, and even though Target Field is known as a pitcher's park, he's given up 12 of his 23 home runs at his home ballpark.

Here's his spray chart overall for 2015 by hit type: Phil Hughes

Here it is broken down by ground balls, line drives, pop ups, and fly balls: Phil Hughes (1)

Breaking down his arsenal

Here's his spray chart overall: Phil Hughes (2)

And here are the pitches broken down individually.

Hughes has thrown 363 cutters: export (50)

He's thrown 43 changeups while not surrendering a hit and getting a strikeout: trumedia_baseball_heatmap (96)

He's thrown 1,086 fastballs (two and four seam): export (48)

He's thrown 256 curveballs (ESPN's system calls them curveballs and Baseball Savant calls them Knuckle curves): export (49)

Hopefully the Yankees will add to Hughes' home run total and also add another L to his record. No offense to him, but he's an enemy now. (Of course, knowing my luck, he'll throw a three-hit shut out and this post will look really silly tomorrow.)

[Charts and numbers courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info and Baseball Savant]