Quick hit: The Didi Gregorius Game

So I was in Camden Yards last night watching the O's walk off against the Braves and I missed all of the hullabaloo in Texas - which included my boy Alex Rodriguez's 40th birthday home run. When my friend Dave, who was with me at the game, and keeping track of the Yankee game on his phone said that Didi Gregorius tied the game with a two-run homer I replied, "Whaaaaat?" Just like that. Then later in the game, when Gregorius plated home two more runs, my reaction was more like this:


Anyway, here are the heat maps and spray chart of his big 3-4 with four RBI night!

export (53)

His two singles were off fastballs at 90 and 93 while his home run off an 83 mph fastball (that's according to my system).

trumedia_baseball_heatmap (99)

As I wrote nearly a couple of weeks ago, Gregorius is slowly progressing into a solid player for the Yankees and hopefully, we'll see more of this type of performance in the future.