About Last Night: The (offensive) Seventh Inning

I wasn't really paying attention to last night's game (I know, I know), but I decided to turn it on just as the top of the seventh was ending because I was seeing tweets from people about what Joe Girardi had done with the bullpen and wanted to see what the heck was going on. Just as I changed the channel to YES, the inning ended. So I figured, I might as well keep it on to see what the offense does in the bottom of the inning. And I'm glad I did!

Here's the spray chart. It's not crazy like the Texas game last week but it's still fun to see that many extra bases hits in one inning. export (61)

And I love looking at the play by play because it's just amazing.

  • Jacoby Ellsbury reaches on a throwing error by shortstop Xander Bogaerts.
  • Chris Young walks. Jacoby Ellsbury to 2nd.
  • Alex Rodriguez singles on a ground ball to center fielder Jackie Bradley. Jacoby Ellsbury scores. Chris Young to 2nd.
  • Pitching Change: Craig Breslow replaces Jean Machi.
  • Mark Teixeira strikes out swinging*.
  • Brian McCann homers (18) on a fly ball to right field. Chris Young scores. Alex Rodriguez scores.
  • Carlos Beltran doubles (23) on a fly ball to center fielder Jackie Bradley
  • Coaching visit to mound.
  • Chase Headley doubles (18) on a sharp line drive to left fielder Hanley Ramirez. Carlos Beltran scores.
  • Didi Gregorius flies out to right fielder Rusney Castillo.
  • Brendan Ryan walks.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury singles on a line drive to left fielder Hanley Ramirez. Chase Headley scores. Brendan Ryan to 3rd.
  • Coaching visit to mound.
  • Pitching Change: Alexi Ogando replaces Craig Breslow.
  • Chris Young homers (13) on a line drive to left field. Brendan Ryan scores. Jacoby Ellsbury scores.
  • Alex Rodriguez walks.
  • Mark Teixeira strikes out swinging*.

Six hits, nine runs, a game that goes from a nail-biter to a blow out in minutes? Priceless. And that inning unfolding the way it did because of an error? Even better!

And poor Tex. In an inning when his team scores nine runs, he strikes out swinging twice. And poor Alexei Ogando, I'm pretty sure he wasn't expecting Young to hit a home run on the first pitch.

Good times.