Quick Hit: Will No Help Ever Come To Second Base?

While the slumps at the top of the batting order were largely to blame for last week's offensive power outage, it is worth looking down at the bottom and pointing out that second base has become a black hole again.  The Yankees did nothing to address the position before the trade deadline, seemingly viewing Dustin Ackley as more of a bench outfielder, and now they are reaping the rewards of that decision. Since the deadline, Stephen Drew and Brendan Ryan have combined to go 5-28 with 9 strikeouts and 1 walk.  Only 2 hits have gone for extra bases and both of those came from Drew over a week ago.  In the games against Boston and Toronto, these 2 had 1 total hit.

At what point does that become unacceptable for the Yankees?  At what point is having an automatic out in the lineup every single day something that they're going to address?  It's great that they've been good enough everywhere else to ascend to the top of the division, but to still be sticking with these guys is insane.  It defies logic.  It's almost as if the team is using that favorable division position as justification for sticking with something that's clearly not working, and that would fly in the face of the always-stated commitment from ownership to putting a "championship-caliber" team on the field.

Not saying that there is a championship-caliber player to be had at second base right now, but there have to be better options than Drew and Ryan.  There are better options than Drew and Ryan.  If Rob Refsnyder can't get called back up now, when the hell can he?  The dude's prospect value is basically on life support at this point.  If Cole Figueroa can't get a look after a .312/.369/.393 year in Triple-A and a respectable cup of coffee earlier, then why was he brought in?

I'm not asking Cashman to perform a miracle and I certainly am not trying to imply that I want Chase Utley around.  I just want the braintrust to admit that this Drew plan hasn't worked out and pull the plug.  Do something to improve that situation and help the team.  They've won plenty in spite of the black hole at second base. Why not see what they can do with something different and potentially better?