Quick hit: The Yankees' offense is offensively bad

Unless you've been stuck in a place with no internet or TV, you know that the Yankees have fallen off a cliff offensively the past seven days. And last night was more of the same. Sure, the Yankees were able to score four runs, but they weren't able to score more than that and ultimately lost the game in 16 innings. A big reason for that failure? It wasn't Stephen Drew. It was the top of the order.

So how bad was the top of the order last night? Read this tweet from ESPN Stats and Info and weep, my friends:

And here's what ineptitude that looks like in spray chart form:

export (65)

Alex Rodriguez, the oldest hitter in the lineup, had the only hit among the first five batters in 16 innings of play last night. And the offense as a whole batted .148/.193/.278/.471 in 16 innings.

That is not good.

Even worse?

  • Since last Wednesday, the Yankees are batting .159/.230/.242/.472. Look at that "slugging" percentage.
  • In 61 at bats with men on base, the Yankees are batting .180/.231/.197/.427. Again, that slugging percentage.
  • In 24 at bats with a man on second, they're batting .083/.154/.083/.237.
  • In 7 at bats with a man on third: .143/.250/.143/.393.
  • in 45 at bats with a man on: .200/.250/.222/.472
  • In 12 at bats with two men on: .083/.154/.083/.237
  • In 4 at bats with the bases loaded: .250 /.250/.250/.500 (Chase Headley's two-run single is their lone hit.)
  • In 25 at bats with runners in scoring position: .080/.148/.080/.228.

So what the heck happened to these guys? Could the problems stem from facing two knuckleball pitchers in three days? Are guys playing hurt? (I'm looking at you, Jacoby Ellsbury.) Or is this just some horribly-timed slump that was bound to happen after the hot July the Yankees had?

Whatever it is, it needs to pass, and quickly.