Monday Morning Musings: I will not quote Meatloaf

Although it is very tempting to do so, I will not, I repeat, I will not quote Meatloaf in this post. You all know the quote. The extremely overused, cliche, uttered since at least the summer of 1977, that usually comes after a team wins two games in a three game series.

But I will be good and I will not use it. It's lazy to do that. It's lazy and predictable, and who wants to be that? Not I!

I do want to gloat a bit because I did predict that this (taking two of three in Toronto) was going to happen during the IIATMS podcast on Thursday night. If you haven't listened yet, what are you waiting for? Anyway, I was a bit fired up on that particular night because Blue Jays fans were becoming a tad too obnoxious for my taste, and I had to knock them down a peg or three in my rant. I also commented on Mets fans and how gloating in August is never a good idea, and what happened to that team this weekend? They were swept by Pittsburgh in three games at home. Three pretty good games, I might add. Well, yesterday's score was a tad lopsided, but it was close before the rain delay from doom.

By the way, it was very sunny all day and never rained or even got cloudy where I live (30 miles north west of Manhattan) so it was a little strange to see the field in Queens covered by dark skies, sheets of rain and a tarp.

Speaking of very sunny, poor Carlos Beltran. Can you imagine how he feels right now? I can't. I've personally never screwed up that badly in my life. (Kidding, I'm sure I have, I've probably just blocked it out.)

Aside from the bad inning that should have been over on a lazy fly ball to right but ended with the Yankees down 3-0, Luis Severino pitched a pretty good game. His fastball was electric. His other pitches, not so much, but he continues to impress me. His nine strikeouts were fun. Plus, he shut down the Blue Jays in every other inning he pitched which goes to show you that any offense, even one that's scoring over 100 runs more than every other team in baseball, can be shutdown by good pitching.

Yesterday's game was frustrating to watch and I watched the entire thing hoping the Yankees would mount a late-game comeback. But they didn't. Oh well.

And how about TANAK on Saturday? How fantastic was that performance? You know what else I loved about Saturday? Seeing how fired up TANAK was after he got the last out. Also, I liked seeing John Ryan Murphy getting him pumped up before they went out for the bottom of the ninth. That was a great game.

Friday's game was also great because they won but everything else about it was bad. That game shaved at least six years off my life. Actually, just the Troy Tulowitzki/Andrew Miller battle at the end did that. I still had trouble breathing at least two hours after the game ended. And my heart wasn't beating quite right until sometime Saturday morning. It's August. I should not be reacting this way to a game in August. That extremely anxious, standing up because you can't possibly sit, pacing the room because you can't be still and becoming nauseated after every foul ball feeling should be saved for games in September and October.

Freakin' Yankees.

But hey, leaving Toronto in first place, no matter how slim the lead is, is a good thing. And two out of three ain't bad.


Happy Monday!