Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 8/21/15

By the time this posts, I'll most likely be napping.  Sleep cycles have been abysmal this week.  Let's get right to the links, shall we? - On Tuesday, Mike Axisa of RAB looked at A-Rod's recent slump to see if there was a root cause.  Hopefully the last few games are a sign that he's coming out of it.

- Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley used Luis Severino's SSS results to show how he's been better than any other trade option the Yankees could have pursued to help the rotation.

- On Wednesday, David Laurila of FanGraphs interviewed David Cone and got his thoughts on a variety of pitching topics.  Cone is the best of the YES broadcast lineup and a friend of the blog, so naturally this is a must-read for any intelligent Yankee fan.

- On Thursday, William Juliano of The Captain's Blog used his disastrous June 16th outing as a dividing point for Nathan Eovaldi's season and broke down the changes and improvements he's made since then.

- SG of RLYW did something similar with CC Sabathia's performance since his meeting with Andy Pettitte in late June.

- David Schoenfield of ESPN's Sweet Spot wondered if Ben Cherington had the worst GM offseason of all time.

- On Friday, Alex Putterman of BP Bronx compared Dellin Betances to the other top relievers in baseball to see if he's really the best of them all.  Not to spoil all of Alex's hard work, but the answer is yes.

From the IIATMS team:

- On Monday, Tamar checked in with the short season Staten Island Yankees.  They've got a couple of this year's top draft pick hitters, and they'll be getting 1st rounder James Kaprielian next week.

- On Wednesday, William analyzed Nathan Eovaldi's splitter after it was ranked #1 in baseball by Keith Law this week.  Awesome that Eovaldi is already this good with the pitch in his first year throwing it.

- On Friday, I looked into Brett Gardner's latest second half slowdown, which has really kicked into high (low?) gear this month.

I said a few weeks ago that the new Dr. Dre album sucks, and I stand by that statement 2 weeks and 2 more listens later.  It's garbage.  This is the Dr. Dre I remember.  This is real Dr. Dre.

Enjoy your weekends, everybody.