Quick hit: 5 off day observations after a 5-1 road trip

The Yankees completed a successful 5-1 road trip and while they're still in second place - because Toronto is ridiculous and won't lose, and when they do lose the Yankees lose - they have a few things to be happy about. 1) Didi Gregorius is on fire! I wrote about how well Didi has been doing since the All-Star break and he continued his hot hitting in Boston. He hit a home run yesterday, went 2-4 on the day and raised his season BA to .272.

2) So is Stephen Drew! Can you believe it? Drew is now batting .211 on the season which seemed like an impossibility just a week ago.

3) The Yankees did what they needed to do. They beat bad teams. Sure, they dropped that frustrating game on Monday night and lost the chance to gain a game on the Blue Jays, but they came right back and beat Boston two out of three after sweeping Atlanta. This is how they need to play in order to make the playoffs. They must stop playing down to their opponents and walk all over them instead.

4) Chicks still dig the long ball. I'm easy to please when it comes to watching baseball. I like home runs and I got five of them yesterday.

5) #DnA. If you don't recognize this, it's the hashtag the Yankees like to use when referring to the Dellin Betances/Andrew Miller combo. Yes, they pitched in a game that you didn't want to see them in yesterday afternoon but they are money and Joe Girardi knows that. It's not his fault the rest of the bullpen couldn't lock down a win.

Happy Thursday.