Game 133 Quick Recap: NYY 5 TB 2

Now that's how you kick off a home series.  With too many damn home runs.  The Yankees didn't get many hits off Tampa Bay starter Jake Odorizzi last night, but they certainly made them count. In fact, "many" might be too strong a word to describe the Yankee hit total.  They only got 3 against Odorizzi, but all 3 were home runs and 2 of those home runs were preceded by Odorizzi's 2 walks.  Alex Rodriguez hit a hanging offspeed pitch for a 2-run homer to left in the bottom of the 2nd to give the Yankees an early lead, Brian McCann crushed a solo shot to left in the 3rd to make it 3-0, and Greg Bird smacked a 2-run shot to right in the 7th to make it 5-1.  When you only manage 3 hits and 2 walks against a starter, that's usually bad.  When you turn it into 5 runs, that's efficiency.

Yankee starter Luis Severino made those 5 runs work for him as he pitched into the 7th and only surrendered 1 run on an Evan Longoria solo shot.  He had to work hard to get a few outs, and he did have 10 men on base against him, but Severino showed the stuff and the nerves to make pitches when he needed to.  Justin Wilson, Adam Warren, and Andrew Miller teamed up to get the final 8 outs and Severino picked up his third straight win.

Game Notes:

- The light offensive production gets even lighter when you consider that McCann had the 2 walks and so scored 3 of the 5 runs.  The top 3 spots in the order combined to go 1-12 and the bottom 3 went 0-9.

- It looked like Severino was throwing more changeups in the later innings, and he didn't feature his splitter as much as usual.  Must have not had the feel for it, which could have explained his command problems, but it was good to see him adapt in-game.

- Jacoby Ellsbury left the game early with stomach problems and was replaced by Chris Young.  No word yet on how smarmy Andrew Marchand's next column about Ellsbury will be.

- Warren got 3 easy outs in the 8th, then missed his spot a few times and gave up 2 hits and a run in the 9th to bring on Miller.  He's now given up 2 hits in each of his last 4 appearances and a run in 3 of the 4.