Quick hit: The 2016 Yankees schedule has been released and...

I am not happy with a lot of it but my main beef is, and excuse me for the following outburst, but WHY THE HELL DO THEY ALWAYS SCHEDULE A DODGERS/YANKEES SERIES IN NEW YORK DURING THE WEEK?! WHY CAN'T THEY PLAY ON A WEEKEND? Ahem.

I guess I should be happy that 2016's series is a three-gamer instead of a brief two game set like 2013's but still, how annoying.

There's a lot that bothers me about the schedule. Like, nearly all of September being against AL East opponents with a brief three-day home series against the aforementioned Dodgers thrown in for good measure.

The Yankees will be visiting some NL West parks in 2016: Arizona (May 16-18), Colorado (June 14 and 15), and San Diego (July 1-3). The Arizona and Colorado series are midweek while the San Diego series is a weekend set in Petco.

May is an odd month. The Yankees are home from the 6th through the 15th then they go on the road to Arizona and Oakland until the 22nd, have an off day, then they play three games at home against the Blue Jays, and then head out on the road again and go to Tampa, Baltimore and Toronto, returning home for a game on June 6 against the Angels. At least there's an off day on June 2.

Anyway, enough of my bitching, you can take a peak at the full schedule here and judge it for yourself.

Oh, and because everyone is always so concerned with the Subway Series, it's a home and home August 1-4, with two games at Citi Field, followed by two at the Stadium. Exciting stuff.