Taking a look at A-Rod's 30 (so far) home run season

Guess what? The guy who was going to be cut during Spring Training, because nearly every baseball writer on the planet had him buried before he even showed up in Tampa, and proclaimed that he couldn't possibly play baseball at a high level after a 162-game steroid suspension, hit his 30th home run of the season last night. I know, can you believe it?

Here are all 30 of his home runs in spray chart form:

export (70)

Here's his home run heat map: arods30HRs

And now let's take a look at some video of his "important" home runs.

Here's his first home run of the season, which was hit on April 9 against the Blue Jays:

Here's his 3000th hit which was on June 19 and off a 95 mph fastball from Justin Verlander:

Here's #30 which tied last night's game. It was off Kevin Gausman:

Some more numbers:

  • He has 10 home runs off lefties and 20 off righties.
  • He has 16 at home and 14 on the road.
  • 23 have been solo shots.
  • Four have been two-run home runs.
  • Two have been three-run home runs.
  • He has one grand slam.
  • He hit five in April.
  • Six in May.
  • Four in June.
  • Nine in July.
  • Two in August.
  • Four (so far) in September.
  • He's hit one home run off the cutter (off Tommy Milone of Minnesota on 7/25 in his three home run game).
  • One off the splitter (Kevin Gausman on 7/22).
  • Three off changeups.
  • 19 off fastballs.
  • One off a curveball (Jon Niese on 4/26).
  • Five off the slider.
  • He hit one home run on pitches between 70-75 mph (the Niese curveball).
  • 3 on pitches between 76-80 mph.
  • 12 on pitches between 81-89 mph.
  • 13 on pitches between 90-95 mph.
  • One on a pitch between 96-100 mph (#30 last night was off a 98 mph fastball from Gausman).

Not bad for someone who is clearly washed up. Right?

[Numbers, heat map and spray chart courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info]