A few thoughts going into a rare September Subway Series

Song playing when I started writing this: "Planet Roaring" by Duran Duran Oh my goodness it's a September Subway Series that actually means something! Remember how ridiculous we all thought this was way back when we first saw the 2015 schedule? But it wasn't ridiculous for the same reason then as it is now. Back then, we just thought it was silly because why schedule a Subway Series so late in the season? Why make it more important than it should be? Now we're all thinking, "Why on earth should the Yankees and Mets play games against each other when there are playoff implications for both teams?" It's because MLB hates us all and also has the worst timing. Who knew that both teams would be a few games from locking up playoff slots? Also, who knew the Mets would actually be in first place by over seven games at this point in the season? By the way, you're lying if you say you did.

Honestly, I've been sick of the Subway Series for about five years now, but I have to say, I do prefer the two three-game weekend series instead of the home and home, back-to-back two-game series that we will be returning to next season. I just wish that one series was in May and the other in June. Not in April and September. Oh well. This is why I'm not paid to create the MLB schedule.

In case you didn't remember, and frankly, I didn't, this is what happened the last time these two teams met:

  • The Yankees won two of three at home. (Fine, I remembered that.)
  • The Yankees hit three home runs off Jacob deGrom in the first win - the Friday night game - and Alex Rodriguez hit a home run off Jon Niese in the Sunday night game, the other win.

I didn't even remember those home runs against deGrom. I'm not that old yet so how I could forget something like that from a few months ago? And apparently, Mark Teixeira hit two and Jacoby Ellsbury hit the other one. Now, we're in September and Tex has a fractured leg and Ellsbury can only hit Chris Archer. Things will more than likely be a lot different this weekend in a lot of ways.

The match ups are Steven Matz vs. Masahiro Tanaka tonight, Noah Syndergaard vs. Michael Pineda on Saturday, and Matt Harvey vs. CC Sabathia on Sunday night.

Citi Field is going to be a total madhouse this weekend which will be fun for some people. Not me. I kind of want to wake up and have it be Monday morning.

Is that bad?

Anyway, here's one of my favorite Subway Series moments of all time:

And here's another one:

Happy Friday!

Song playing when I ended this post: "Danceophobia" by Duran Duran