Game 147 Quick Recap: NYY 5 NYM 0

McCann HR vs NYM Mets got the Yanks 5-1 last night.  Yanks one-upped them by completing the shutout today.  A pretty good Michael Pineda, a slew of relievers, and a pair of home runs from the middle of the order came together to even the series and stave off the takeover of the city for another day.

The first homer came minutes into the game, as Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner singled to start the rally in the top of the 1st and Carlos Beltran launched a 3-run home run off Noah Syndergaard to promptly put the Yankees up 3-0.  Both the Gardner and Beltran hits came on 0-2 pitches.  Syndergaard settled down after that and looked like he was going to turn in a decent outing, but Beltran singled off him with 1 out in the 6th and Brian McCann went long ball to make it 5-0.

Pineda did a fine job holding the lead he was given.  He put a few runners on over his first 5 innings of work, but he was never really in trouble and made pitches with 2 strikes to get himself out of innings before trouble could really start.  The Mets put 2 hits together off him in the bottom of the 6th, however, and after a big strikeout of Yoenis Cespedes Joe decided it was time for the bullpen.

That bullpen was all hands on deck today, and Joe used almost all of those hands.  Justin Wilson got the first 4 outs after Pineda, and Dellin Betances pitched a clean 8th inning, and around that Joe used 4 different pitchers to get the remaining 4 outs.  Everybody from Caleb Cotham to Andrew Miller.  Good times.

Game Notes:

- Nice 2-hit day for Beltran.  He's slowed down in September.  Need more from him over the next 2 weeks.

- I didn't have a problem with Joe going quick hook on Pineda.  I would have let him keep going, but with the decision to remove Tanaka yesterday around 80 pitches, it seems like the Yanks want to keep limiting workloads when and where they can.  If that means Tanaka and Pineda on regular rest from here on out, I'm fine with it.

- Going to Miller, on the other hand, was a bit much in the 9th.  Joe did good to keep Betances to 3 outs, he would have done better to keep Miller out here to lean on him heavily tomorrow and against Toronto.  2 outs in a 5-run game?  That could have been Rumbelow or Goody or even, GASP, nobody new.  Just let Martin try to finish it.

- There were 4 different second baseman for the Yanks today.  Rob Refsnyder was the last one.  Yay!

- Yanks continued to add on to their MLB-leading 1st inning run total.  Up to 117 after Beltran's homer.

- Postseason magic number is down to 11.