About Last Night: Please calm down

ramonacalmdown Can everyone just listen to Ramona Singer and calm down?

I know it sucks that the Yankees lost last night's game. Believe me, I was not very happy when that game ended. But about two minutes later, I realized that everything is going to be fine.

I know it also sucks that a few things didn't go their way in the series at Rogers Centre - some balls barely went foul that could have been big hits in key situations, balls were hit right at guys, Kevin Pillar is a pain in the ass, there was awful umpiring behind the plate etc. - and I know it sucks that they were done in by a bad bullpen move by Joe Girardi last night, but you know what doesn't suck? The fact that the Yankees are in this position in the first place. In all honestly, I'm pretty freakin' stoked about where the Yankees are right now. Sure, winning the division would have been really great, but it's more than likely not happening, unless a miracle occurs, and that's perfectly okay because like I said the other day, we're in the wildcard era and because of that, the Yankees are more than likely making the playoffs anyway! (Barring some catastrophic events and if that happens, you can all blame me.)

As for what's happening right now, do you all remember way back before the season started when the majority of the predictions were that the Yankees would miss the playoffs and either finish at .500 or slightly below .500?I do! If I recall correctly, and because I'm too lazy to look it up, PECOTA had them at 80-82. Or was it 82-80? Either way, they'll be finishing better than that.

Do you also remember when they predicted that Alex Rodriguez would be cut before Spring Training ended? I do! Now he has 32 home runs and nearly 95 RBI on the season. And where are some of those experts who predicted his demise? Well, some of them are out of a job.

You know what else is pretty great for us and for the Yankees at this very moment? We don't have to sit through any more games against the Toronto Blue Jays for the rest of the regular season and they don't have to play them again!



And while it's disappointing that the Yankees couldn't take two out of three up in Toronto this week - and they certainly had their chances - we have to turn the page and look forward to them coming home this weekend for their last homestand.

So let's all relax and think about what remains for the Yankees during the next week and a half. I mean, it's not like they have to face someone like Chris Sale tonight or anything.

Oh wait...

Happy Thursday!