Quick Hit: The Reigniting Of Rob Refsnyder's Existence

By all accounts, it sounds like Stephen Drew is done for the season with post-concussion symptoms.  I honestly can't remember a play in the first half of September that would have given him a concussion, but that's really here nor there.  His recent absence, combined with Brendan Ryan's general terribleness, has opened up some opportunities at second base in this final month as the Yankees try to lock up a playoff spot. The greater opportunity has been seized by Dustin Ackley, who's been swinging a hot bat since coming off the DL and has essentially taken over the "starting" second base job with Drew on the shelf.  The smaller opportunity has gone to Rob Refsnyder, the once future greatest second base prospect in the history of baseball and the recently forgotten man in the second base organizational depth chart.  It's been a long, strange trip up and down the prospect hype curve for Refsnyder this year, but he's getting a chance to contribute in important late-season games and he's showing a few things that might bring a little luster back to his name and perceived future potential.

Since coming in as the fourth different second baseman in the win over the Mets on 9/19, Refsnyder has gone 5-15 with a double and a walk in 6 games as a second baseman/pinch hitter.  Refsnyder got the start at second against all 3 Chicago left-handers over the weekend and Eduardo Rodriguez on Monday night, and he's had at least 1 hit in all of those games.  He hasn't done anything to change the narrative about his defense, but he did make a fantastic diving catch the other night and he's looked athletic enough (to me at least) to be able to handle the position full-time once he gets more experience.

The Yankees face another lefty starter in Wade Miley tonight, and I expect Refsnyder to be on Joe's lineup card starting at second and batting 8th or 9th.  He's shown himself over the past week to at least be capable of producing in that favorable matchup situation and the Yankees need all they can get offensively at the moment.  Refsnyder has clearly supplanted Ryan as the right-handed part of the second base platoon and he can continue to build some positive momentum for himself heading into the offseason/next season if he continues to produce.