Game 162 Quick Recap: BAL 9 NYY 4

Joe vs BAL I have neither the time nor the inclination to recap this game in full detail.  I have to spend the next 2 days convincing myself that the Yankees aren't going to get shut out 6-0 at home on Tuesday night.

Game Notes:

- Michael Pineda puked on his shoes today in his final 2015 regular season start.  Didn't make it out of the 4th inning, gave up 4 runs on 6 hits.  Finishes the year with a 4.37 ERA.  That's pretty terrible when you consider where he was at before the ASB.

- Carlos Beltran went 3-3 with a walk today and Greg Bird, Dustin Ackley, and Didi Gregorius all had 2 hits.  I'd bat them 1-4 in some order on Tuesday.

- Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury went 0-10 with 3 Ks combined.  I'd bat them 7th and 9th respectively.

- Chris Capuano sucks, Bryan Mitchell sucks, Caleb Cotham is pretty bad, and James Pazos is nothing special.  Just throw a name at a dart board for the final few bullpen spots on Tuesday's roster.  There's really no better way to decide.

- Brian McCann hit .199/.307/.398 after the ASB.

- The Yankees went 1-5 in their final 6 games against 2 sub-.500 divisional opponents and got outscored 47-23 in those games.  That's not stumbling to the finish line, that's tripping, falling, snapping both your legs in half, and spontaneously combusting at the finish line.