Report: Yanks "Leaning Toward" An Ackley/Refsnyder Second Base Platoon Next Season

Second base was a problem position for the Yankees this past season.  They struggled to find production early from Stephen Drew and Brendan Ryan, seemingly waited too long to jettison Drew in favor of better options, and didn't get much consistent positive value from the position until very late in the year when Dustin Ackley and Rob Refsnyder got hot and took over as the new platoon.  According to Jon Heyman's latest report, that late season SSS boost may have influenced the Yankees' plans for next season. In Heyman's most recent "Inside Baseball" piece for CBS, he reported that the Yankees are "leaning toward going with Refsnyder and Ackley next year", which was something that drew a lot of conversation late in the regular season when they were both hitting.  On the surface, this looks like an easy decision to make for a team not looking to add payroll.  Ackley hit .288/.333/.654 in his 57 Yankee plate appearances and he's a former top prospect with lefty power potential.  Refsnyder hit .302/.348/.512 in 47 MLB PA and .271/.359/.402 in Triple-A.

Of course, there's always more to the story when it comes to the Yankees, and Heyman's piece alludes to that by mentioning the team's interest in free agent to be Ben Zobrist and former Yankee Martin Prado.  There are going to be plenty of good FA options at second this offseason, and Cash is no stranger to going to the trade market to pick up what he needs at a weak position.  Regardless of what way they're leaning, the Yankees are never going to limit their opportunities to address an area of need and they're never going to tip their hand as to what their offseason plans are.

The truth is that this "leaning toward" report doesn't mean all that much just yet, but it certainly could and I don't think it means nothing.  At the very least, the Yankees have a decent backup plan for second next year if nothing materializes for them on the FA or trade markets.  That's already a better plan than they had for second base coming into this season and that's a plus for next year's team.