Wanna watch ARod and Mo talk baseball up close and personal?

image001 The good peeps at Steiner Sports have made available discounted tickets to an event highlighted by Mariano Rivera and Alex Rodriguez on November 6th in NYC. General admission tickets are available for $99, but with the code IIATMSSTEINER, you can get them for $79. For those of you in the area, this should be a cool thing to attend.

Take $20 Off Steiner Sports' Business + Baseball Event General Admission Tickets with code IIATMSSTEINER.

I'm sure we'll get to watch ARod lustily dining on the souls of the young and being the general demon he is while Mo returns them to their rightful places, but honestly, I'd listen to Mo and ARod talk anything baseball. These guys are savants. I'll do my best to be there, too, because I love this stuff.

And in case you missed it yesterday, here's some video proof of ARod being the worst human on Earth.