Report: Yankees Will Not Pursue Yoenis Cespedes This Offseason

Yesterday EJ educated you on the brilliance of Yoenis Cespedes' walk-up music.  The day before that, Jon Heyman had another piece of Cespedes information that concerned the Yankees.  According to Heyman, "the early belief is that the Yankees will not be players for Cespedes" when free agency opens this offseason.  Cespedes, who just turned 30 last Sunday, had a monster season, hitting .291/.328/.542 with 35 home runs, 100+ runs scored and driven in, and very good defense all over the outfield.  Through some slick initial contract clause negotiations, he'll be eligible to hit free agency this season without having any qualifying offer draft pick compensation attached to him. Because of that and the financial boost that will come with it on the open market, because of his age, and because they already have a crowded outfield next season, it makes sense that the Yankees would not be interested in Cespedes.  Heyman mentions his connection to Roc Nation as a potential point of concern for the Yankees, but that seems silly.  Cespedes is a very good player and one that, strictly from a skills and production standpoint, I would prefer over all 3 of the expected Yankee outfield starters next season.  But he's already 30 and the Yankees just took that big contract bait with Ellsbury.  They aren't doing it again so soon, not with Hal running the show.

Cespedes is going to get paid this offseason and he should.  He's a legit All Star talent and he's incredibly fun to watch.  If the Yankees were really thin behind Beltran in their organizational depth, I could see them getting more involved with Cespedes.  But they've got a few young players they like and I have to think they're planning on working Aaron Judge into right as Beltran's replacement sometime next season.  Never count the Yankees out until a guy signs somewhere else, but I'm following Heyman on this one and expecting the Yankees to pass on Cespedes.