Early Steamer Projections For The 2016 Yankees

FanGraphs has the early Steamer600 projections up for next year.  While it's admittedly way too early to start thinking about 2016 projections, what with rosters set to be shaken up significantly over the course of the upcoming offseason, it is something to talk about if your team has been long eliminated from postseason contention like the Yankees have. You can comb through the entire batch here.  FG has the whole list tabbed out by team for easy navigation, but here's the link to the Yankees section.  Some highlights:

- Greg Bird is projected to be the best hitter on the Yankees next year by a wide margin.  .266/.341/.486 with 29 HR, a .356 wOBA, and 125 wRC+.  That would be amazing.

- Mark Teixeira's projected line: .231/.324/.443 with 29 HR.  Big drop off from the .255/.357/.548 of 2015.

- The player projected to be the 3rd best hitter on the team isn't even in the organization anymore.  That'd be Ramon Flores at .268/.335/.416, although I'm not sure how he's going to come close to that coming back from his bad ankle injury in August.

- Rob Refsnyder's projected line: .268/.334/.409 with 30 2B, 14 HR, and 11 SB.  I'd sign up for that in a millisecond.

- A-Rod's projected line: .239/.331/.402 with 21 HR.  I think I would have signed up for that before the start of this past season.

- Steamer really likes Masahio Tanaka and Michael Pineda next year, projecting 4-WAR seasons and ERAs in the low 3's for both.  Of course, that's projected over 200 IP, which neither guy is a lock to pitch.

- Steamer also like Luis Severino, projecting a 3.90 ERA and 178 strikeouts over 200 IP.  That would give the Yankees a solid #3 starter if Tanaka and Pineda can be the 1 and 2.

- Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte still project to be better than the rest of the expected Yankee rotation.  I doubt there's even the slightest chance of it happening, but I'd totally sign Hirok to a 1-year deal if he wanted to come back next season.

If there's anything else that stood out to you, feel free to share in the comments.  I don't think there's anything in here that can or should be taken as gospel, they are just rough projections.  But if your brain is already turning thinking about what the Yankees need to do to get better next year, this is good conversation fodder.