A thank you to the 2015 Yankees

Now that we've had a few weeks to sufficiently recover from the sad ending to the Yankees' 2015 season, I thought it would be nice to write a post thanking the guys for some of the joy they provided us this past Spring and Summer. And while I realize the season ended in extremely disappointing fashion, this squad did finish better than expected, and there were a lot of cool moments both at the Stadium and on the road. So in no particular order, as you will see from how discombobulated this post is, here's an extremely long, but fun thank you to the 2015 New York Yankees. Thank you all for that 21-run outburst in Texas. I hadn't had that much fun watching a game on TV in a long time. Just when we thought you guys would stop scoring, someone unexpected like Brendan Ryan would hit a double to make the game 11-5 in the second inning.

Thank you to Andrew Miller for his pitching performance against Troy Tulowitzki in the ninth inning of that crazy August 14th game in Toronto. That 12-pitch at bat made me age at least five years.

And to go along with that, I'm also adding a big thanks to Carlos Beltran for making Miller's performance and save possible that day by hitting a clutch, pinch-hit, go ahead three-run tater in the eighth inning.

Thank you to Alex Rodriguez for silencing the haters and proving that he can still hit the ball far even at his advanced age. Also thanks to him for behaving this season and not giving the tabloids much to write about.

Also for giving us this Vine:

Thank you to Dellin Betances for another great year coming out of the bullpen. Sure, things got scary at times, but he still had a strong performance in 2015.

Thank you to Didi Gregorius for providing us with shortstop defense most of us haven't seen in decades. Sorry Derek Jeter. And thank you to Didi for not giving up and continuing to improve at the plate throughout the season.

Thank you to Masahiro Tanaka's elbow for not shredding this season. You're the best!

Thank you to #GREGBIRD for kicking ass and taking numbers when he was called upon to replace Mark Teixeira in the lineup and on the field.

Thank you to Brian McCann for hitting a walk off home run on the third of July and for making staying up until the 12th inning worth it.

Thank you to Chase Headley for this groundout. I know, what? This game was good because the Yankees won but it was bad because they lost Mark Teixeira for the year with a fractured leg. This was also the game in which Bryan Mitchell was hit in the face with a ball. You know what, I've changed my mind, this game wasn't that good but it was the last win I saw in person so I'm going to be a little selfish here.

Thank you to Teixeira for that week in July when he had two multi-home run games. And thanks for the rest of his season. If it weren't for that flukey leg injury, things probably could have been different down the stretch.

Thank you to Nathan Eovaldi for his eight inning of scoreless ball against the Astros on August 24. Again, maybe things could have been different down the stretch if his elbow didn't act up.

Thank you to CC Sabathia for not giving up and for pitching better down the stretch. I hope you get well soon. Also, thanks for always sticking up for Alex. You're a cool dude.

Thank you to Michael Pineda for that 16 K game against the Orioles. That was a lot of fun.

Thank you Stephen Drew for hitting 17 home runs this season and actually finishing with a batting average above .200! Another thanks for that pinch hit, go ahead, grand slam in Baltimore way back in April. That was fun.

Thank you to Brett Gardner for playing so well in the first half that he made this video possible:

Thank you to Slade Heathcott for one of the biggest home runs of the season.

Thank you to Diego Moreno for 5 1/3 scoreless innings after Capuano crapped the bed in that 21-5 game in Texas.

Thank you to Dustin Ackley for having a nice series against the Mets in September.

Thank you to Jacoby Ellsbury for some amazing catches this season.

Thank you to Luis Severino for giving us a glimpse into the very bright future of the Yankees.

Thank you to Adam Warren for being solid out of the bullpen and also when the Yankees needed him to start. And for making plays like this one:

Thank you to Chasen Shreve for his strong first half.

Thank you to Justin Wilson for performances like this:

Thank you to John Ryan Murphy for being a great backup for McCann, for providing funny quotes and moments, and for hitting home runs over the Green Monster.

Thanks to Rico Noel for being speedy on the bases and for allowing me to brush off my "Rico Suave" gif on Twitter.

And finally, thank you to the rest of the guys I didn't get to mention because typing in your names didn't yield any search results on mlb.com. 2015 was better than 2013 and 2014, so let's make 2016 even better, shall we?