Mattingly to sign a four-year deal with the Marlins

don-mattingly Former Dodgers manager, and Yankee great, Don Mattingly, will be signing a four-year deal to manage the Miami Marlins. The news, first reported by Vice Sports, broke early this morning.

Mattingly, who managed the Dodgers for the past five seasons, interviewed with the Miami earlier this week, and will be the eighth manager of the Marlins since 2010. Let's put that number into perspective. The Yankees have had three managers since I was in high school, and I turned 41 in August. The Marlins have had eight since I turned 36.

The one thing that may work in Mattingly's favor is that he's friendly with Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria so he may stick around a little longer than his predecessors. Then again, it's Loria and things can go haywire in a hurry down in Miami. He meddles with his managers, he once made his General Manager acting manager, and he will change his mind about how he wants to run the team on a dime. Remember 2012's fire sale?

As for Mattingly, this change could be a good one for him if Loria keeps to himself. He will be going from managing a team with a $300MM payroll and extremely high expectations to managing a team known for not spending a lot and that finished 71-91 in 2015, but is anchored by young players like Jose Fernandez and Giancarlo Stanton. Mattingly will also be reunited with Dee Gordon, who played under him from 2011-2014. And who knows, if Stanton can stay healthy, and the Marlins can improve their record in 2016, Loria may be inclined to spend some money and build a better team for Mattingly to manage.

Under Mattingly, the Dodgers won the National League West the past three seasons, but the team had trouble advancing past the National League Division Series, accomplishing that feat only once and watched their rivals, the San Francisco Giants, win two World Series in 2012 and 2014.

Mattingly, who went to the Dodgers in 2008 with Joe Torre, after his time on the Yankees' coaching staff, was 446-363 with L.A. which gives him the sixth-best winning percentage in franchise history.