Random baseball thoughts on a World Series off day

This is going to be a little different than the usual random thoughts post. Instead of one or two sentence thoughts, I figured I'd behave like an actual writer for a change and compose full paragraphs. I know, wow. Here we go.

The Relentless Royals

We are two games into the 2015 World Series and the Kansas City Royals find themselves up two games to none heading back to Flushing. They were able to beat Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom and got a tremendous pitching performance from Johnny Cueto last night. And I mean, tremendous. He's one of only seven pitchers to pitch more than eight innings and give up only two hits in a World Series start in the past 60 years. The last guy to do it was Greg Maddux in 1995. He's also the first American League pitcher to throw a complete game in the World Series since Jack Morris did it in 1991.

With the way Cueto pitched, the Royals didn't need seven runs but they got them anyway. And how did they do that? Like they always do. They hit and they keep on hitting. Just when a team thinks they may have the Royals in a spot where they may not get anything done, the Royals will put up a four-spot - including scoring three runs with two outs.

It's actually a lot of fun to watch.

Praising A-Rod

If you had told me even three months ago that Alex Rodriguez would be working for Fox Sports as an analyst during the playoffs, and that he would be getting nearly universal praise on the job he was doing, I would have said that you were insane. But it's actually happening. He's getting so much praise that they're starting to have him talk to the booth during the game to give his thoughts on in-game situations and more importantly, taking time away from Harold Reynolds. It's stunning. In a good way, of course.

It's really a treat to see people who would normally be doing something as silly as calling A-Rod "A-Roid" actually complimenting his work on Fox. Some people even went so far as to say that they were hoping he'd permanently replace Reynolds in the booth for the rest of the World Series. I am beside myself with joy.

Oh, and Michael Kay even tweeted about Alex:

I told everyone that Alex would be good. What's great right now is that he's explaining baseball in a smart way but that is still easy enough for people to understand. He hasn't been told to dumb down his analysis which is what seems to happen to a lot of guys who make the jump from playing baseball to broadcasting.

Pissy writers

There are a lot of pissy baseball writers on Twitter right now. It's mostly tweets complaining about the airport in KC or the airlines they're using. From the way people tweet and complain about air travel these days, I'm glad I haven't set foot on an airplane in five years. It sounds truly miserable. People strangle their fellow passengers for reclining seats! What a world!

Rapid fire thoughts:

  • Last night, A-Rod said that it would be important for the Mets to have Yoenis Cespedes start hitting again. He added that while it's been nice to have Daniel Murphy on such a hot streak, Cespedes is the better player and he needs to get going.
  • Pete Rose needs to be reined in a bit on the pre and postgame show. Frank Thomas joked about Cueto being one of Pete's stepsons and Pete responded with, "My stepsons speak English." Oy.
  • No, really, two days off? What the heck am I going to watch?
  • Maybe I can catch up on this season of The Affair. Does anyone else watch that show? It's pretty intense and I am way behind.
  • I predicted the series would go 6 but if the Royals win on Friday or Saturday, it may only go five. I don't see them losing two games in Citi Field.

Happy Thursday!