Sunday night open thread 11/1/15

It's November! How the heck did that happen? Doesn't it seem like this year is flying by? It feels like just yesterday when we were all lamenting the end of the Yankees' season.

Anyway, I figured I'd post an open thread for the night, just in case you wanted to talk about some stuff, like baseball, because that's actually still going on. Although, the season may end tonight if the Royals win, but on the flip side, it may actually be extended if the Mets and Matt Harvey can get their act together, not make any silly errors, and win which would take the series back to K.C. for Game Six.

Either way, it should be a good one tonight.

So feel free to post your thoughts in this thread.

Oh, and in case you missed it last night, Kevin Millar is really creepy and he freaked out poor A-Rod during last night's FOX pregame show. Here's a link to the video.