154 Days...

The 2015 Major League Baseball season officially ended last night, which means the 2015 offseason has officially started.  The clock is already ticking on teams to make their decisions on whether to make qualifying offers to their eligible free agents, and we'll find out those decisions by the end of this working week. The offseason being underway also means the countdown to the start of next season is officially underway, and including today that countdown stands at 154 days.  154 days until the 2016 Opening Day edition of the Yankees takes the field at home against the Houston Astros, and presumably gets shut out by Dallas Keuchel for 8 innings in a 3-0 loss.

I'm only half-kidding about that last part.  If the Yankees show up with the same crew that finished this year, that'd be a pretty likely outcome.  We've spent the past few weeks since their season ended dissecting that crew, its strengths and weaknesses, what it needs to do better, and what changes have to occur to help it be better next year.  With the offseason underway, we've got 154 days to see what the front office is going to do about it.  They continue to talk a good game, but their follow-up on that talk has been inconsistent the past few offseasons.  They know what they have, they know where they can be improved, what are they going to do to make those improvements?

We've got 154 days to find out.  Do I expect big moves and a big shakeup?  I do not.  There isn't that much money coming off the payroll this year, and ownership still sees getting under the luxury tax threshold as a worthwhile goal.  They've got a lot more money coming off the books after 2016 and 2017, and coming off a return to the postseason I see them riding next year out with this same core, hoping for better health and performance from the rotation, and working in more young players to rest the aging vets.  Doesn't mean there can't be some trade activity or smaller signings to make the roster deeper and more flexible next year, but I don't see the Yanks making any big moves.  They've got 154 days to prove me wrong.