MLBTR's Top 50 Free Agents List And Predictions

With free agents now able to sign with any team and the GM meetings starting up today, the timing couldn't be better for MLB Trade Rumors to post their annual top 50 free agents list and predictions for where all of those free agents will sign and for how much. The entire list and write-up on each player can be found here, but for Yankee-centric purposes here's what you need to know.  MLBTR predicts the Yankees will sign Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist, and Chris Young (the outfielder).

Heyward is their #2 free agent and MLBTR predicts a 10-year/$200 million deal.  That dollar amount seems a little light to me and the years seems longer than the Yankees would be willing to go, but if that deal comes with an opt-out clause, maybe that would inspire the Yankees to pursue a longer deal if they were OK with the dollars.  Zobrist comes in at #21 and is projected to get a 3-year/$51 million deal.  Not sure how I'd feel about that.  Young is #46 and MLTR predicts 2 years and $12 mil for him.  I'd let him walk for multiple years.  Sell high on Young if he's looking to cash in on his 2015.

I don't have a hard time seeing the Yankees signing any one of these three, or even signing Zobrist and re-signing Young, but I have a real hard time seeing them sign all 3 this offseason.  Especially not at those prices.  The big money isn't going to be spent again until more big money comes off, and that isn't happening until next offseason.  If all 3 do sign, however, that has to make the Yankees a favorite in the AL next year.