GM Meetings Day 1 Recap: Cash Talks Murphy And 2016 Rotation

Cash GM Meeting Mustache The 2015 GM Meetings opened in Boca Raton, Florida yesterday.  Naturally that meant Brian Cashman was going to be there, and be there he was as he knocked the fashion world on its collective ass with his stylish, hipster-y, Tobias Funke-esque arrival getup.

Besides that, there wasn't anything major that went down yesterday.  There usually isn't at these meetings.  This is more of a table setting for the Winter Meetings next month.  But there were a few tidbits worth talking about:

- If you were thinking of signing Daniel Murphy to play second base next year, don't get your hopes up.  Via Mark Feinsand, Cash said “I think if we’re going to pursue something, we have two offensive-profile players already at that position, so if we did any changing there, it would be seeking more balance on both sides of the ball" when asked about Murphy.  For the money it would take to sign him and the draft pick, I'd rather pass and go with Ackley-Refs too.

- Via Erik Boland, Cash said the plan for Adam Warren is to come into camp as a starter next year.  That's a smart move for multiple reasons.  1) You can never have too much rotation depth; 2) Warren was pretty good as a starter last year, pitching to a 3.66 ERA and 3.92 FIP in 17 starts and a 2.93 ERA in his final 8; 3) If he's going to be a swingman again, it's easier to go from starter to reliever than vice versa; 4) If he's going to be on the trade block this offseason, and he is one of the team's more attractive trade chips, he's more valuable as a starter.

- Via Wally Matthews, the situation isn't as clear for CC Sabathia.  Cash wouldn't commit to CC as a starter next season, saying "we'll see, I'm not guaranteeing anybody anything."  This is a typical company line when discussing roster battles that haven't started yet, but CC has always been a pitcher above those battles in his time with the Yankees.  He's a guy who's been guaranteed a rotation spot every year that he's been here, until now.

It's hard to argue with the change in status, though.  Between the repeated injuries, the major decline in performance, and the now public battle with alcoholism, CC is not the rock he used to be for the rotation.  The Yankees have 5 better starters than him and it's in their best interests to finally marginalize his role on the pitching staff.  He'll come into camp and compete for a job as long as he's healthy, and he should.  But if he doesn't pitch well, he shouldn't be gifted a spot in the starting 5.

- The biggest non-Yankee news yesterday was the Twins winning the bidding for Korean first baseman Byung-Ho Park.  Their high bid was reportedly $12.85 million, and it's a strange price to pay considering the team's logjam at the infield corners.  Gotta be another move in the works there.

- Also, the 2015 Hall of Fame ballot was released yesterday.  32 players, 17 returnees, 15 newcomers.  The newly eligible are headlined by Ken Griffey Jr. and Trevor Hoffman.  David Eckstein is also on the ballot.