Tuesday Afternoon News And Notes: 12/1/15

Good news!  We're back up and running, albeit in a bit of a diminished fashion.  Like Stacey said before, it's going to take some time to get back up to full capacity so bear with us while we work on things.  In the meantime, here are a few news nuggets to ease you into the current site condition: - Postseason shares were released yesterday.  The Royals had a pool of $25.2 million to divvy up for winning the World Series.  Even divided up 58 ways that’s a nice chunk of change for a month’s work.  The Yankees got $1.048 mil and change for playing in and losing the AL Wild Card game and they handed out 59 full shares and 15.98 partial shares.  That works out to $13,979.99 per full share.  Also a nice chunk of change for one night’s work.

- Via Jon Heyman, the Yankees are among the teams who have called Atlanta about Shelby Miller and the Braves reportedly asked for Luis Severino in return.  Heyman did say there is “no evidence the Yanks are considering that” and I have to think they’ll pass if that’s what it’s going to take to get Miller.  Still worth asking, though.  You never know if there’s a deal to be reached if you don’t ask.

- Via Ken Rosenthal, the Red Sox signed Chris Young to a 2-year deal yesterday, giving them some added depth at the MLB level.  The deal was confirmed to be for $13 million earlier today.

That seems like buying high on a really good year to me, but that could just be me.  I don’t think Young is going to hit that well next season or beyond, I do think Aaron Hicks is going to be a better player than Young next season and beyond, and I definitely didn’t want to bring Young back on a multi-year deal.  If that’s what it took to get him, I’m glad the Yankees passed and upgraded with Hicks.

- Via Joel Sherman, the Yankees “never played seriously” for Young.  Had a quote from Cash saying they were out on Young the minute they made the Hicks trade.  Good.  That’s smart roster management.

- Also in the news today, the Marlins may hire Barry Bonds as their new hitting coach.  A-Rod thinks it's a good idea, and he would know from his offseason work with Bonds leading up to the 2015 season.