Some thoughts after a website meltdown and free agent signing by a team not named the Yankees

Good afternoon, IIATMS readers! I hope you are having a nice week so far. I'm not, but that's only because my vertigo has been acting up for nearly six days and getting dizzy is getting really old. Oh, and I woke up yesterday morning to this news that this website was possibly lost forever. Years of work gone. Poof! Thank goodness that was a bit hyperbolic and everything turned out okay. Anyway, other than the room spinning out of control any time I turn my head to the right, and the website temporarily blowing up, this week has perked up a bit thanks to some baseball news. The offseason was getting really boring. I realize the winter meetings don't start until the 7th, but it's still been a snooze worthy offseason so far.

Then Dave Price to the Red Sox happened.

I was not shocked and I hope you weren't either. He went where the money was and who could blame him? And as we say on this site, it's about the money. Seven years/$217M with an opt-out after three years? Sign me up! Although I do think it's amusing considering some of the blow ups he had with the Red Sox and their fans as a member of Rays, but forgive and forget, right?

If Price pitches like the ace Boston expects him to be, no one will remember his tiff with David Ortiz in 2014. If he doesn't, well, that's good for the rest of the AL East.

Speaking of the rest of the AL East, the news of Price signing with Boston was met with mixed reaction up in Toronto where he spent the second half helping lead the Blue Jays to their first division title since I was in college. Some fans were resigned to the fact that Price wasn't going to stick around as soon as he was traded to their team. Others were not so happy with the Blue Jays for not even attempting to snag Price.

Some Yankees fans were angry that our team wasn't in the running for Price either which I find amusing. We all knew the Yankees weren't going to be in on him at all. I mean, I'm all for Ninja Brian Cashman swooping in and signing people, but I wasn't expecting it at all. And you shouldn't have either.

They're also not in on Johnny Cueto. More like Johnny Cuetno, am I right?

So sorry.

Or Zack Greinke. (I can't come up with a witty pun. Perhaps one of you can in the comments.)

The Orioles made a trade with the Mariners. The O's got Mark Trumbo and Seattle got catcher Steve Clevenger, whose name I confused with cleavage because I wasn't wearing my glasses when I first saw the news. Trumbo's okay. I guess, but it's not like the O's are going to make any other waves during the offseason, right? And this wasn't even much of a wave. More like a ripple.

Getting back to the website meltdown. I was actually woken up by the news. I usually check my phone before I even sit up in bed and the news of the website disappearing made me sit up so fast that I nearly bashed my head into my wall thanks to my vertigo. After I stopped the room from spinning, I typed in "WHAAAAAAT?" as a response to Jason and Brad's emails and my heart started racing. The thought of all of our work vanishing made me ill and I've only been here three years. Others have been writing for IIATMS for much longer so I felt even worse for them. And poor Jason. All of the hard work he put into the site for the past (almost) nine years and it was gone? Like I said above, we were able to recover most of the site - big thanks to Wordpress not being awful - but for those few hours when we thought everything was gone, it was a bit harrowing.

The good news is, this gives us a chance to revamp the site. Again, what you're seeing now is not the finished product. It will more than likely not be finished for a little while, because it's the end of the year, and the people who contribute to this site and work in the real world, are busy. But, we will be back and fully operational soon, and better than ever.

Happy Wednesday!