Friday Morning News And Notes: 12/18/15

Brendan Ryan Mustache I'd say today is the last day of real work before Christmas.  Everybody knows the last few days before are throw-away days, so here's hoping everybody has an easy one in front of them today.

- The Yankees officially completed the Starlin Castro trade yesterday by announcing Brendan Ryan as the PTBNL in the deal.  This was reported by multiple guys when the trade news first broke, so not really a surprise here.  The deal to re-sign Ryan for multiple years was a strange one and I'm sure nobody will be sad to see him go.  That said, the Yankees are a little short on backup third base options at the moment, although I imagine they'll look to use one of their 2 open 40-man spots to address that.

- Via Chad Jennings, CC Sabathia said he is "light years ahead" of where he's been the last few years with respect to his offseason workouts.  He's been coming off injuries the last few offseasons, but he says he feels healthier than ever and has been working out hard to prepare for next year.  He's going to be given a spot in the rotation as long as he's physically healthy enough to pitch.  Nothing wrong with having the healthiest version of him possible to start the season.

- Former Yankee Andrew Bailey signed a MiL deal with the Phillies yesterday.  That deal comes with a ST invite.  I thought the Yanks trying to buy low on Bailey as a reclamation project was a good move.  Too bad it didn't work out.  Hopefully Bailey has better luck at his next stop.

- Via George King, it sounds like the Yankees are really high on James Pazos as a potential replacement for Justin Wilson.  I forgot that he was included in the list of "untouchables" at the deadline this year, that's pretty funny.  But hey, if he figures out his fastball command there's no reason he can't be an effective lefty reliever.  His slider is already very good.  FWIW, Pazos was also mentioned in a Mark Feinsand article about the young relief depth earlier this week.

- Via that same Feinsand article, Joe had some positive things to say about Mark Teixeira's rehab progress and said he expected Teix to be ready to start spring camp when it kicks off in 2 months.  “I saw him the other day.  He’s doing much better. I’m excited to get him back.”