Quick Hit: Yankees Sign Donovan Solano To MiL Deal

Well it ain't Juan Uribe, but the Yankees did do something to address their lack of upper level infield depth by signing Donovan Solano to a Minor League deal yesterday.  Solano, 28, is a long-time MiL player in the Cardinals and Marlins systems and has seen small chunks of time at the MLB level over the last 3 seasons. A right-handed hitter, Solano has a .257/.307/.328 tripleslash in 1,145 career MLB plate appearances and a .263/.314/.323 tripleslash in over 3,000 career MiL plate appearances.  If nothing else, he's been freaky consistent as he's worked his way up the ladder to the show.  As a whole, he's not much offensively.  He can put the bat on the ball, but that's about it.  Doesn't draw walks and doesn't hit for any power.  Defensively he's much more useful, spending time at second base, third base, and in the outfield corners in his MLB career and some at shortstop back in his MiL days.

We'll likely see Solano in camp when Spring Training starts, but I don't see him as a serious candidate for the final big league bench spot.  He's purely an org depth guy brought in to soak up some of the innings that have been lost by trading the Jose Pirelas and Tony Rendas of the world away this offseason.  He'll probably float around the infield for SWB as needed.

Quick follow-up on the final bench spot discussion from yesterday.  I saw somebody mention Chris Johnson as another good FA target in the comments and I could get on board with that idea too.  He hasn't been great offensively the last few years but he is a .314 career hitter against left-handed pitching and he could be used at both infield corners, which is a plus for the Yankees.  I don't think he's a better option than Uribe, but Johnson wouldn't be a bad Plan B or C to Uribe's A.