Arbitration Update: Yanks Settle With Two, File Salaries With Four

The deadline for teams to come to terms with their arbitration-eligible players or submit salary figures for arbitration was yesterday, and the Yankees were able to reach new 1-year deals with 2 of their 6 eligible players.  They agreed to a 1-year, $4.3 million deal with Michael Pineda and a 1-year, $3.2 million deal with Dustin Ackley.  Those figures were right in line with the MLBTR projections. They did not come to a deal with Aroldis Chapman, Ivan Nova, Nathan Eovaldi, and Didi Gregorius, although it was reported that both sides exchanged figures in all 4 cases.  The most notable figures were Chapman's.  Via Jon Heyman, Chapman filed for $13.1 million and the Yankees filed for 9.  I'm sure they will agree to something in between and it won't be a huge deal, but the idea that the Yankees move in and swung a trade for the best closer in baseball only to turn around and lowball him on his salary is pretty comical.  The team and Eovaldi were also over a million bucks apart, but the midpoint of the 2 numbers is right around the $5.7 mil Eovaldi is expected to get, so that situation should work itself out.

Teams can still work out a deal at any time after filing arbitration figures, so I expect we'll see a few more agreements come before the arbitration hearings start next month.  The Yankees haven't gone all the way to arbitration since 2007 with Chien-Ming Wang, when they won.  It's very likely that they get new deals done with all 4 of their remaining players before the February hearing dates.