Thursday Morning Links: 1/21/16

Tired, neck hurts this morning, and the coffee and cough drop flavors are not mixing well in my mouth.  Let's do some linking. - On Monday, Chad Jennings pondered just how good the Yankee team defense could be in 2016.

- On Tuesday, our own Stacey Gotsulias posted a very personal piece at The Hardball Times about the bond that she and her father shared over baseball and the Yankees.  Definitely read this if you haven't already.

- On Wednesday, Mike Axisa profiled Aroldis Chapman as a complete pitcher, showing that he's more than just than just the high, stinky cheddar.

- Ken Davidoff of The Post had Hal Steinbrenner's thoughts on the Chapman signing and potential suspension.  I didn't have as big a problem with this as the rest of baseball twitter seemed to, but I also hate it anytime Hal says anything so I could be desensitized to him in general.

From the IIATMS team:

- On Tuesday, Scott dove into the details of Brian McCann's decline and touched on what it means for the remainder of his contract.

- On Wednesday, I emptied the mental notes list on a variety of Yankee-centric topics including but not limited to: future Brian McCann, my early picks for 2016 All Stars, Pete Kozma's lack of baseball talent, the lineup versus left-handed pitching, and Chapman's uniform number.

Stay safe if you're dealing with this big, bad winter storm on the east coast.  I'm looking at sunshine and temps back over 20 degrees in Wisco today.  Downright tropical.