Happy 20th Anniversary, Frank Costanza!

20 years ago tonight, on January 25, 1996, the infamous Seinfeld episode "The Caddy" aired. If you are too young to have seen it, or if you are old, and don't remember the plot, here's the episode description from tv.com:

Kramer befriends a caddy, who helps him to improve his golf game and offer his other advice. George's bosses consider him for a promotion when they think he is so dedicated to his work that he is there in the morning before everyone else and still there after they all leave. They don't know that he's just been leaving his car in the parking lot waiting for his free visit from a locksmith. Taking advantage of the situation, he and Susan go up north to her parent's rebuilt cabin. Elaine meets an old rival who's heir to the Oh Henry! candy bar fortune and has never worn a bra. She wears the bra as a top and cause Kramer and Jerry to have an accident with George's car. With George's damaged car in the parking lot, the Yankees think he's dead. Steinbrenner breaks the news to the Costanza's. Kramer and Elaine take her rival to court and only Jerry may stand in the way

In a scene that made my father laugh for days, and quote for years after it aired, George Steinbrenner pays a visit to George Costanza's parents, Frank and Estelle, informs them of their son's apparent demise, and this is how Mr. Costanza reacts:

It is a television classic and I cannot believe it has been 20 years since it aired.

Of course, as we all know, Frank's rant was for naught because the Yankees went on to win the World Series that year, dominated baseball for a decade, and Jay Buhner retired without ever winning a championship.

Happy Monday!

(h/t to Pinstripe Alley for reminding me of this important day in TV history.)