John Sickels Releases His 2016 Top 20 Yankees Prospects List

We haven't had a good prospect ranking list in a while.  Luckily for us John Sickels came through and dropped his top 20 Yankees prospects for 2016 late on Sunday night.  I always appreciate Sickels' rankings because he does the extra 10 and he always has a few selections that are off the beaten path, so it's a good read.  This year is no exception. For starters, Sickels doesn't have Aaron Judge as his number one.  That spot went to Gary Sanchez, with Jorge Mateo coming in at 2 and Judge at 3.  I can't argue with the decision to put Sanchez over Judge, especially with the way each of them performed upon their promotions to Triple-A.  But I'm not willing to say Mateo is a better prospect than Judge right now even with Judge's struggles in Triple-A.  That's just me.

Other highlights include Wilkerman Garcia at 7, Kyle Holder at 9, Ben Gamel at 15, and Hoy Jun Park at 17.  That's the highest I've seen any of those guys ranked, and I can get on board with Garcia and Gamel, but Holder in the top 10 is crazy to me.  The dude can't hit at all, and even if he has been making changes and improvements in workouts and winter ball, until it translates into on-field performance there's no reason to rank him anywhere near the top 10 in the Yankee system.  Maybe not even the top 20.

Sickels' rankings come with individual player grades and small capsules on each player, and all of it is free, which is nice.  Definitely worth a few minutes of your time if you have a prospect itch that needs scratching.  Speaking of which, I think it's about time we get on with the 2016 IIATMS Top 30, no?  There's only a few weeks left before ST starts and by then it'll be too late to worry about who's the 23rd best prospect in the organization.  We'll talk amongst ourselves and come up with a game plan, so be on the lookout for an announcement soon.