Quick Hit: "Shifting Into Non-Roster Invitee Mode"

I came across a recent Bryan Hoch article about the lineup options with Starlin Castro last night and it got me thinking.  No, not about the lineup because I don't think there's really that much to think about if we're talking regular starting lineup against a righty.  That's going to look like this: 1) Ellsbury 2) Gardner 3) Beltran 4) Teix 5) A-Rod 6) Big Mac 7) Headley 8) Castro 9) Didi

No, there was something else in the article that caught my eye.  Something about the Yankees not being able to make any more moves on the MLB level:

"The Yankees -- the only team not to sign a Major League free agent this offseason -- are saying that they have shifted into non-roster invitee mode, believing that they have exhausted their available options on the free agent and trade markets."

Exhausted their available options?  What??

/checks MLBTR free agent tracker

/sees Juan Uribe's name still included in the "unsigned" group

Guess they haven't exhausted ALL their options.  Come on, Cash.  Do it.  Make it happen.  1-year deal, you need a real backup third baseman, it probably wouldn't hurt to have another positive clubhouse influence around Starlin, and Hal probably wouldn't even realize the few million was gone.

Who am I kidding?  Of course he would.  But that's beside the point.  There's a very viable, very affordable MLB option still out there for the taking, one that fits the 25-man roster's needs very well, and instead of pouncing on him to bolster their Major League roster the Yankees sound like they're content to let him go and ink more MiL catchers.  Isn't a proven, flexible, above-average MLB hitter in the final bench/roster spot better than any rotating combination of Triple-A guys?  Do it, Cash.  Go ninja mode and get it done.

Ninja Cash

P.S.- The phrase "shifting into non-roster invitee mode" in the context of the Yankees is laugh out loud funny.  I read that and I picture Hal cackling and lighting a cigar with a fist full of hundreds as he does a burnout in the executive parking lot in some kind of 80s sports car.