Prospect News And Notes: 1/29/16

All prospects all the time.  Couple of things to touch on from yesterday: - One, the top 10 positional prospects release party continued yesterday with the shortstops.  It's a deep position, so Jorge Mateo did not crack the top 10.  He did, however, get a shout out in the honorable mentions, with the write-up comparing him to Jose Reyes and calling him the Yankees' shortstop of the future.  I thought Mateo might sneak into the bottom third of the list, but it's understandable that he didn't after what was his first year of full-season ball.

- Two, Baseball Prospectus put out their Top 101 prospects list and the consensus top 3 Yankee prospects all made the cut.  Aaron Judge came in at number 18, Mateo at 65, and Gary Sanchez was 92.  Personally I think Sanchez should be at least 25 spots higher, but I'm also a Yankee fan.  The complete list and the capsules on each player are completely free.  That's pretty sweet.

- Three, we've settled on a game plan for the 2016 edition of the IIATMS Top 30, which I will share with you now.  As you read this, our staff is putting together their individual ranking lists.  Just as we did last year, we will compile all the individual lists, tally them up using a 30-1 point system for each position in each list, and use the points totals to determine the order for the final composite top 30.  We will unveil that top 30 and some other related posts the week of February 8th, the official IIATMS Prospect Week 2016.  I've given you a week plus of advanced notice, so plan accordingly.

If you'd like to recap last year's Top 30, you can do so here, here, here, and here.