Tuesday Morning Links: 2/2/16

Busy day yesterday around IIATMS.  You probably have some catching up to do on that stuff, so I'll ease you into today with a linkaround.  You're welcome. - Last Thursday, Nick Ashbourne of BP Bronx dissected the scenarios in which Didi Gregorius can hit left-handed pitching.

- On Friday, David Schoenfield of ESPN's SweetSpot looked at NL players who would make great DHs if MLB ever decided to wake up and expand the DH rule.

- Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley broke down how shifting the strike zone up would negatively impact CC Sabathia.

- On Saturday, Chad Jennings pointed out Sabathia's still very active role as a clubhouse leader despite his personal struggles and injury problems.

- Chris Carelli of Yankees Unscripted discussed the bullpen situation and the importance of getting something out of the middle relief corps ahead of the big three.

- On Sunday, friend of the blog and IIATMS alum Matt Imbrogno looked at Ivan Nova's strengths and how they could be maximized as a reliever.

- On Monday, Daniel Burch of The Greedy Pinstripes listed his top 10 Yankee pitching prospects.

From the IIATMS team:

- Last Thursday, I continued my campaign for the Yankees to sign Juan Uribe.  The campaign has only gained strength in the last 4 days.

- On Monday, I hashed out my concerns about Chase Headley heading into this season.  By the way, you know who would make a great backup for Headley? Juan Uribe.

- Dom discussed the service time downside to the Greg Bird injury and touched on the new backup first base situation.

I watched the "South Park" episode where Kenny and Gerald Broflovski are addicted to huffing cat pee and they spoof Heavy Metal in the drug trip scenes last night.  That's the only reason I'm playing this song today.