Quick Hit: Why Not Try A-Rod At First Base Again?

I don't want to make this a longer post than it needs to be, because I do already know the situation and know it's not going to change.  But since the news of the Greg Bird labrum tear came out and we started going over the various backup plans that the Yankees have at their disposal, I can't help but think this is the perfect opportunity to revisit the idea of Alex Rodriguez at first base. You'll remember this was something the Yankees experimented with last year.  A-Rod worked out at first and got a little action in Spring Training, and Joe didn't hesitate to give it the old college try, starting Alex at first in the 5th game of the season against the Red Sox.  He didn't look very good in that game or his other brief appearance at first in late May and the idea was scrapped, along with the idea of playing A-Rod at any position other than DH for the rest of the season.

The explanation was that A-Rod "was not comfortable" at first and that matched up perfectly with the eye test in the brief time we saw him there.  He looked stiff, unsteady, and unsure of where he should be and what he should be doing, nothing like what you'd expect from a former Gold Glove shortstop and a player known to have tremendous baseball instincts.  There was nothing wrong with trying to see if A-Rod could be of any use with his glove last year, but in the end it was proven that he's a bat-only player at this stage of his career.  And there's fine.

But with Bird now out as the true backup to Mark Teixeira, no other solid backup option available if Teix were to get hurt, and Teix no great bet to stay healthy at his age and with his recent history, what's the harm in giving A-Rod a little more work at first in spring camp?  I'm not saying try to make him capable of playing first base multiple times a week, just well enough to hop in there for a game every now and then.  Maybe a handful of times during the entire regular season.  He's the most inflexible part of the roster and the team is going to need more flexibility if Teix goes down.  If nothing else, it's something the team should be willing to try again in ST if A-Rod says he's up to it.  If it doesn't work, no biggie.  But freeing up the DH spot a little more would help the team...