Keith Law's Top 10 Yankee Prospects

This already generated some discussion in the comments yesterday, but since we're not that far removed from IIATMS Prospect Week I suppose it deserves its own post.  After dropping his top 100 prospects rankings last week, Keith Law of ESPN released his complete list of organizational top 10s and team-by-team farm system breakdowns yesterday.  This stuff is behind the ESPN Insider paywall, so you can't get the full write-up without a subscription, but here's a quick snapshot of his Yankee system evaluation. Law views the Yankee system pretty positively, saying "the Yankees' system is trending back upward, despite some trades and disappointing performances from upper-level prospects, thanks to a couple productive drafts that have helped restock the lower levels."  I think that might even be selling the system a little low since he didn't mention the big names that graduated to the Majors, but whatever.  Law ranked the system as the 13th best in baseball and his top 10 Yankee prospects breakdown looked like this:

1) Aaron Judge 2) Jorge Mateo 3) Gary Sanchez 4) James Kaprielian 5) Ian Clarkin 6) Dustin Fowler 7) Wilkerman Garcia 8) Drew Finley 9) Kyle Holder 10) Tyler Wade

Not much there for me to argue with other than the inclusion of Holder at 9.  He seems to be the biggest all-or-nothing guy in the system right now.  He's either top 10 on the possibility of his bat coming around or completely out of the top 20-30 based on the assumption that it won't.  I think Finley is a potential top 10 talent, so I have no issues with him being included there now, and I could see Wade as a top 10 prospect if he hits a little bit more than he did in 2015.

Law also mentions a slew of other top prospects by name, including Domingo Acevedo, Jacob Lindgren, Luis Torrens, Ben Gamel, Brady Lail, and Rob Refsnyder.  All in all, it's a very positive review of the current system and right in line with a lot of the analysis and evaluation we've seen from other outlets this offseason.