Chapman speaks: "I didn't hurt anyone"

Courtesy of Up to this point I have avoided writing my true feelings on the Yankees signing Aroldis Chapman because if I am going to be completely honest with you, I don't actually know what they are.

Part of me is annoyed that the Yankees knowingly added a person to their roster who seems to have obvious anger issues just because he has an out-of-this-world fastball. And I'm sorry, but you usually don't shoot off a gun eight times for no reason. Something had to set him off.

Another part of me is struggling with the idea that Chapman may have laid a hand on a woman and that she was so scared, she hid in the bushes and called 911. And sure, she has since recanted her story, and claims that she doesn't know why she said that Chapman hit her, but a lot of domestic violence victims will do that. Just to make things better for themselves, at least for a little while until the next incident.

As a person who blogs about baseball and the Yankees, there's also a part of me that understands the business decision the ball club made. Like I said above, he has an out-of-this-world fastball and he was cheap. As a woman who blogs about baseball and the Yankees, I'm also disgusted that they read the police reports and still decided to acquire him.

And yes, I know charges weren't pressed against him, but that also happens a lot. The world is an imperfect place.

Can you see why this is all so hard for me to express? There are so many variables and I just don't know how to handle everything.

For now, and until MLB commissioner Rob Manfred makes his decision on a possible suspension, Chapman is at Yankees' training camp and he's throwing bullpens.

This morning he spoke to the press through his interpreter and had this to say about his incident in the fall:

"I haven't hurt anybody," Chapman said through translator Marlon Abreu.

Chapman left Yankees camp Monday for an excused absence to return to his home in Miami to take care of what he described as a family matter.

A Davie, Florida police report from Oct. 30 alleged that Chapman choked his girlfriend and fired eight gunshots. After an investigation, no charges were pressed.

"Just, in general, I've never hurt anybody ever in my life," Chapman said.

Chapman thinks that the media has been unfair to him and has painted him in an unfavorable light. He also said he will appeal any suspension handed down by the commissioner, if it indeed comes down to that.

He added, "That is not my character or the person I am."