Some random thoughts and Yankees news on a rainy Monday

We're almost there, everyone. We're just over two days away from baseball. Sure, the game won't count, but it'll still be nice to see players swinging bats, pitching balls, making plays in the field and running the bases - as long as they come out unscathed. Speaking of that, Nathan Eovaldi apparently has a groin issue. It's tight. So his bullpen session, which was supposed to be today, has been pushed back to Wednesday.

“If it was during the season, I wouldn’t have missed any time,” Eovaldi said. “It’s something so minor, they’re just being really cautious with it because it’s spring training and we have time to use, time to our advantage.”

Let's hope this doesn't turn into a chronic thing. I feel like Yankee fans are snakebitten with regards to pitchers and their injuries.

Brett Gardner, another player bitten by the injury bug, is taking it easy. The plan is for him to take a full batting practice in the indoor cages tomorrow. He'll eventually join the team outside soon. Fingers crossed.

This weekend the Yankees had their annual photo day which means they had various stations set up all over Steinbrenner Field in order for the players to shoot YES promos, video game images, and photos for the season. The San Diego Padres had their players take pictures with puppies again. (They also did it in 2015.)

Note to MLB: Make this mandatory for all teams. Thanks.

Here's some "breaking news":

I'm interested in seeing how this all goes down. Tony Clark, the executive director of the MLBPA, who was in Tampa to meet with Yankees' players yesterday said the union will support Chapman.

“It’s a very sensitive issue to discuss, but our job is very fundamental. We protect, defend and advance the rights of our members. That’s what we do. We understand the topic, we appreciate the topic. I have been educated tremendously on the topic in ways that I simply didn’t have an understanding of prior to our conversations over a year ago . . . But as it relates to our members, we will defend due process and our members at every stop.”

Random nuggets:

  • I'm looking forward to hearing Michael Kay's voice introducing games on YES this week. I know, am I feverish? No, I've just missed baseball a lot.
  • I've missed it so much that I was watching Game 1 of the 2000 World Series on YES this weekend and reacting as if it were happening in real time and not 15 years ago. And I was at that game! So silly.
  • Speaking of silly, a writer who shall remain nameless, wrote a whole piece about the rogue raccoon who was on the loose at Steinbrenner field yesterday and how he was everything the Yankees haven't been since 2012. Sigh. Interestingly enough, the story seems to have disappeared. It's a mystery.

Oh, hey, here's a snippet:

Three guesses on who wrote that, first two don't count. And if you can find the link, let me know. I got a "that link doesn't exist" message when I tried looking for it.

Anyway, enjoy your Leap Day and remember: