Open thread: 3/28/16

We're doing an open thread since tonight's game isn't being televised and it isn't on the radio. It's 2016! What is this nonsense? Anyway, you're missing out on the Yankees and the Tigers playing each other in Steinbrenner Field. Exciting! In the news today, manager Joe Girardi said that Masahiro Tanaka needs to show him something during tomorrow's start against the Phillies if he's going to name him the Opening Day starter. That game will be televised on MLB Network at 7 pm tomorrow night.

In other news, old friend Nick Swisher was released by the Atlanta Braves.

Between the salary, Swisher’s age (35), his meager .204/.291/.326 slash line over 661 PA in 2014-15 and the double arthroscopic knee surgery he underwent in 2014, it’s not a surprise that Swisher didn’t generate much trade interest. He did hit decently well during Spring Training, however, and he told MLBTR’s Zach Links earlier this month that he “feels great” physically.

I wonder where he'll end up. I can't see him retiring just yet.

Anyway, feel free to comment on whatever you'd like and be respectful of your fellow readers. Thanks!