Game 4 Quick Recap: DET 4 NYY 0

First road game of the season, day game after a sorta-night game, short lineup to get some guys an early rest, short bullpen with a young starter pitching in cold weather.  This game had all the makings of a stinker and the Yankees lived up to those low expectations by going down quietly this afternoon in Detroit.  No matter, they didn't win on Tuesday and they still took that series.  Rest up and come back tomorrow. Luis Severino probably pitched better than his final results indicated today.  He gave up a run on an Ian Kinsler double and Miguel Cabrera single in the bottom of the 1st, and then got bad lucked to death in the 4th.  Jacoby Ellsbury misplayed a fly ball that would have been the second out of the inning into a single and from there Detroit put 2 more runs on the board on a pair of groundball singles and a groundout.  Could have easily been a 1-2-3 inning and it basically turned into the end of the game.

Reason being the Yankee offense didn't show up.  It wasn't fixing to be a high-scoring game with Joe giving A-Rod, Beltran, and Big Mac full days off, but the Yankee lineup managed just 3 hits all day, all of them singles.  Only 2 of those came against Detroit starter Jordan Zimmerman and Jacoby Ellsbury was the only Yankee to reach second base at any point during the game.  The game was never completely out of reach, but the bats never woke up to muster up any kind of a comeback.

That game was a giveaway, and Joe knew that going in.  I just hope he knows what he's doing tomorrow.  He's got a short bullpen and he'll be counting on CC Sabathia for length in the game.

Game Notes:

- Severino, like Eovaldi and Pineda before him, did not walk a batter today.  He did give up 10 hits in 5 innings, but that total was inflated by the bad BIP luck in the 4th.  That's 17 strikeouts without a walk over the last 3 starts and you wouldn't call any of those 3 starts especially good.  How's that for a strange bit of SSS luck?

- Teix and Brett Gardner each got on base twice with a hit a walk apiece.  And Austin Romine drew a walk against former Yankee Justin Wilson in the 8th inning.  So it wasn't like the day was a total loss.

- Starlin Castro took an 0-4 with a GIDP.  Just means more hits tomorrow.

- Not a bad MLB debut for Luis Cessa to finish things up.  He got tagged for a home run by Miggy, but who hasn't done that?  Other than that, he struck out 2 and walked none in 2 innings, including Justin Upton.  I imagine he won't be available tomorrow, along with Nova, so no long man in the 'pen...